Sydney Morning Herald: Simmering tensions on Manus Island

"This was not the Manus people's decision. The refugees want to go to Australia. They don't want to stay in Manus. This causes problems for everyone here. We don't want them here if they are unhappy. Those men have been here for four years and they need to be resettled somewhere else."

UTS Alumni Community Award

The other day I was surprised and humbled to receive the 2017 UTS Community Alumni award. I accepted the award on behalf of the people I work with and write about: the down-trodden, the oppressed, the displaced, the persecuted.

Responsibility to Protect: Peace Talks

This is an excerpt from the Responsibility to Protect report published by the Edmund Rice Centre, an investigation into Australia’s most recent deportations to Afghanistan. This chapter analyses the future of peace talks in Afghanistan.

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