Guest Post: The Unofficial Refugee Camp in Calais by Ali Reid

Ali Reid has been an advocate for refugees in Australia for the past 5 years, but in December 2015, she travelled to the refugee camp in Calais known as 'The Jungle' to volunteer for three weeks. The following is an excerpt from her journal on her tenth day in The Jungle.

Pacific Standard: Treating Cerebral Palsy in Rural Bangladesh (2016)

Dr. Gulam Khandaker is a Bengali-born, Sydney-based doctor attempting to witness and record the plight of Bangladeshi children suffering from cerebral palsy (CP). In May 2015, I was fortunate to join him for several weeks in Bangladesh. This is an excerpt of an article first published in Pacific Standard Magazine in June 2016.

TSYU: Their Greatest Battle Is For Education

This post brings my series on the Ta'ang people of Shan state, Burma to an end. The biggest battle the Ta'ang people face is for the education of their own people, but there is hope.

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