Resumption of violence against the Rohingya people

Violence against the Rohingya people in the Rhakine state of Burma has resumed. I received messages from my friend Zhakir, a resident of the refugee camps in Bangladesh, reporting on the violence.

Reading Australia: Just Macbeth! (2016)

This essay on Just Macbeth! was commissioned by Griffith Review and Copyright Agency for its Reading Australia project, which aims to provide quality and insightful resources to support all teachers of English in bringing Australia’s rich and unique literature into classrooms.

Ali’s Story Part 5: The Struggle for Resettlement

Ali is a Hazara man from Afghanistan trying to seek asylum in Australia. In Part 4, we read about his attempts to take a boat to Australia from Indonesia. Part 5, the final chapter, ends with Ali's wait for resettlement using the so-called, "legal avenues".

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